Five unlikely teenagers and one immortal shape-shifter are the only ones who can save humanity.

Ram Rajathani thinks he knows everything about his best friend, but he doesn’t know that Henry has been turned into a part-time zombie, or that Henry’s got a crush on a girl he recently met online. The girl, ComixChik8, is torturing Henry on purpose, but what she really wants to know is what she’s supposed to do with the cursed blue iguana that mysteriously appeared in her school locker.  Henry Lipton has no idea he’s a part-time zombie. He thinks his biggest problem is girl-o-phobia. Ram’s sister Laila has a dangerous Mayan artifact stashed in the back of her closet. She suspects it can save humanity from the gods, but she has no idea how. Her older sister, Nina, isn’t afraid of gods, but she’s desperate to make some friends. She’s about to discover she has mad spy skills. In the meantime, the secretive Brotherhood of the Prophecy rescheduled the end of the world, and now they plan to cash in on it.

These five teenagers must race against time to outwit the Brotherhood and save humanity from the gods. No biggie.