We’re delighted to feature Pax, the immortal shapeshifter, as our special interview guest.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am seven trillion Pryxgernian years.

Q: Um, can you give us that in Earth years?
A: Oh! Right….I must do the calculation…I would be nearly one billion Earth years old, give or take one hundred million.

Q: What are some of your favorite forms to take?
A: I favor the hummingbird. It has matchless elegance, fierceness, and comes in all the best colors. And flying is so convenient. I also find it very refreshing to spend time as a cool mist above a meadow in early morning.

Q: What are some of your least favorite forms?
A:  Life as a maggot was unsavory. I craved meat day and night. And the million years I spent as an Alp became tedious.

Q: What do immortal shapeshifters do for fun?
A:  Hmmmm. That is a difficult question. I will have to ponder that and get back to you in a millennia or two. Just kidding! For fun, I like a really good knock-knock joke or a Norse pun.

Q: If this is the Book of the Sky God, then why aren’t we reading an interview with the Sky God, Itzam-nah? I hear he’s quite wise and fascinating.
A: Itzam-nah, is that you?

Q: No comment!

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